Definition of circumterrestrial in English:



  • Moving or situated around the earth.

    ‘circumterrestrial space’
    • ‘The Salyut and Mir orbital stations were part of a unique program for a stage-by-stage building of human presence in circumterrestrial space.’
    • ‘This one after the separation of the second stage should go in circular circumterrestrial orbit using its principal engine.’
    • ‘It is found that an impact by a Mars-sized body usually results in formation of a circumterrestrial disk rather than direct formation of a clump.’
    • ‘The study reveals that, ‘who controls circumterrestrial space commands Planet Earth,’ and ‘who rules the moon commands circumterrestrial space.’’
    • ‘We investigate the evolution of a circumterrestrial disk of debris generated by a giant impact on the Earth.’



/ˌsərkəmtəˈrestrēəl/ /ˌsərkəmtəˈrɛstriəl/ /ˈˌsərkəmtəˈresCHəl/ /ˈˌsərkəmtəˈrɛstʃəl/