Definition of circumvolution in English:


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  • A winding movement, especially of one thing around another.

    ‘Here, the musicians position each sound, each effect, in the spectrum with great precision, careful not to disturb the balance between the abstract constructions and the delicate melodic circumvolutions.’
    • ‘These are the circumvolutions of word and image that positivist imperatives impose on a venture whose Eurocentrism and imperialism he acknowledges but does not pursue.’
    • ‘We arrived at 4am. and after the cleansing ritual came the circumvolution of the Ka'abah (the black stone) where the pilgrims walk round the Ka'abah 7 times following the rituals of Abraham.’



/ˌsərkəmvəˈlo͞oSHən/ /ˌsərkəmvəˈluʃən/


Late Middle English from Latin circumvolut- ‘rolled around’, from the verb circumvolvere, from circum ‘around’ + volvere ‘roll’.