Definition of circumvolve in English:


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  • 1 rare Rotate; revolve.

    ‘Their minds are, that is, circumvolved about them like soap-bubbles reflecting sundry patches of the macrocosmos.’
    • ‘You can circumvolve the panorama by clicking the mouse on it.’
    • ‘It scans the workpiece surface when it stops circumvolving, then the fluorescent light image of the workpiece surface are collected to the computer.’
    • ‘It cannot be appreciated at the northern hemisphere because the constellation is circumvolving around the celestial South Pole.’
    • ‘The working principle is: When the pump axis is driven by the motor, the screw stem is circumvolving by its own axis.’
    1. 1.1Wind, fold, or twist around; enwrap.
      • ‘Within the outer sleeve, a first sealing race and a second sealing race circumvolve the bore.’



/ˌsərkəmˈvôlv/ /ˌsərkəmˈvɔlv/