Definition of cissexism in English:


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  • Prejudice or discrimination against transgender people.

    ‘trans feminists have also focused on how trans people are impacted by institutionalized cissexism’
    • ‘The fierceness with which she goes after cissexism can be offensive of course.’
    • ‘What you are demonstrating in your blog is cissexism: rating transsexual/transgender gender identity as inferior to your own – also acquired – cissexual identity.’
    • ‘I think one of the reasons those models of oppression have cissexism designed in is because the oppression of women is designed to oppress cis women.’
    • ‘We must acknowledge and come to terms with the implicit cissexism in assuming that only women have abortions.’
    • ‘By asking me to use a private facility, you are effectively othering me and telling me I am not "really" a man, which is a manifestation of cissexism.’
    • ‘The Atlantic was one of many organisations to "call out" cissexism as it name-checked the news outlets who'd failed to respect Manning's request to be referred to as a woman.’
    • ‘His comparison is a false equivalency - it assumes that we live in a utopian world where cissexism or other forms of oppression don't exist.’
    • ‘Cissexism and trans misogyny present significant barriers to services.’
    • ‘You can still practice being trans-inclusive in your language and gently and productively addressing cissexism and cisnormativity.’
    • ‘This kind of ignorant cissexism just gets in the way of us getting closer and having fun together.’



/sisˈsekˌsizəm/ /sɪsˈsɛkˌsɪzəm/


Early 21st century from cis-+ sexism.