Definition of cissexist in English:


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  • Showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against transgender people.

    ‘many trans people have come up with language to describe the cissexist world they see around them’
    • ‘All this emphasis on trans women's pre-transition socialisation fails to understand some of the nuances of growing up trans in a cissexist supremacy.’
    • ‘I would think with what you've gone through you might have a better understanding of the issues trans people face, but honestly I think you're being a bit cissexist yourself.’
    • ‘I also often find myself apologizing when I call my friends and loved ones out on transphobic/cissexist language, when I shouldn't have to feel sorry for it.’
    • ‘The next time you overhear someone saying transphobic or cissexist remarks, don't let it slide.’
    • ‘Thanks for correcting the cissexist language in the first published draft of the article.’
    • ‘Moving past this sexist and cissexist (anti transgender discrimination) notion took a combination of support from other girl riders and analyzing where those thoughts came from.’
    • ‘His administration realized that cissexist hiring practices were the norm.’
    • ‘Not exactly helping yourself with such a cissexist username.’



/sisˈseksist/ /sɪsˈsɛksɪst/


Early 21st century from cis- + sexist.