Definition of citified in English:



  • Characteristic of an urban environment.

    ‘we must look like citified dandies to them’
    • ‘This is a wholesome look at what two citified and sissified urban brattlings can learn about a hard day's working wading through cow flops.’
    • ‘Already suspicious of citified strangers without cowboy boots, the Wyoming rancher and his son, who requested to remain anonymous, spotted him moseying their way and, quite naturally, took some precautions.’
    • ‘His Edge Cities are creatures of the metropolitan periphery or of citified rural landscapes accessible to major metropolitan areas.’
    • ‘He coaxes citified outlanders into campouts close to bush and wildlife and beneath the glittering clarity of the Southern Cross.’
    • ‘University students go home in their droves over the holidays, pouring scorn on familiar sights with the snobbery of the citified nouveau riche.’
    • ‘If they see you, they will run and hide, terrified by your citified ways and upright posture.’
    • ‘All this turned into a sort of redneck minstrel show where sanitized country boys eluded and escaped the ever corrupt and incompetent forces of the capitalist-controlled and thus citified law.’
    • ‘With a deft flick of the reins, the policeman wheeled his mount and together they stood their ground, motionless, man and horse looking down at that ill mannered citified pup.’
    • ‘Later on, in a moment meant to chide us for the persistence of our citified tunnel vision, he tells us that he has been observing us unseen from a perch on top of the tool shed.’
    • ‘He leads us again through desolation and citified alienation, but there's love in the air this time round, and it propels us through the darker moments.’
    • ‘Yeah, but now yer all citified and sophistimacated and know better than to mess with them hick pistols.’
    • ‘At the very least, I expected them to resent the sudden intrusion and competition that my class of thirty-five citified adults represented.’
    • ‘On their sprawling homesteads and in their citified saloons, each well-armed Pallatian cultivates a folksy accent and tinkers with quaintly Victorian machinery.’
    • ‘There's something almost magical about this weird citified wilderness.’
    • ‘Not only did they bring their language, religions and customs, they also brought with them a preference for the open country and a general distaste for anything citified.’
    • ‘It seems that you somehow remained fresh and unspoiled beneath that false citified exterior.’
    • ‘Boston may be citified, but one cannot be too careful.’
    • ‘But the funny thing is, these citified casualties just won't stay dead.’
    • ‘The cafés seem more citified than those in Paris, those nearest the Cathedral charging prices that one would find in the capital.’
    • ‘The fact that he is still on a learning curve does not take anything away from this truly refined take-off of citified country living.’
    built-up, town, city, inner-city, densely populated, townified, citified, metropolitan, suburban, non-rural