Definition of citizen of the world in English:

citizen of the world


  • A person who is at home in any country.

    ‘he has long since ceased to be a provincial and is now very much a citizen of the world’
    • ‘But Greenland educators are discovering that if Greenlandic students are to become citizens of the world - to use the Internet and pursue higher education - they must be able to communicate in it.’
    • ‘It was the domination of western style thinking and the growing preoccupation of the new regimes with Fabian style thinking that came in the way of citizens of the world, facing a new historical reality, together realising a better world.’
    • ‘The world is our country, we are citizens of the world and creatures of the universe.’
    • ‘As many liberals say, ‘It's time for us to be citizens of the world.’’
    • ‘Aren't reporters without borders citizens of the world?’
    • ‘We believe in being respected and respectful citizens of the world.’
    • ‘They regarded themselves as citizens of the world.’
    • ‘Some young Asians even consider themselves citizens of the world.’
    • ‘We must all learn how to be citizens of the world, as comfortable in a mosque in Cairo as we are in a cathedral in Manila or a Jewish temple in New York City.’
    • ‘And selfless sons and daughters grow up to become selfless citizens of the world.’