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civic center

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  • A municipal building or building complex, often publicly financed, with space for conventions, sports events, and theatrical entertainment.

    ‘The third option would be to re-provide the services enjoyed in the civic centre in another building.’
    • ‘In the old days when this was the civic centre for the community, the police were in this building as part of a large representation of local governance.’
    • ‘Despite provision for elderly mall-walkers and the occasional concert, arts fair, or church service, few malls served as true civic centers.’
    • ‘But campaigners say the significance and scale of opposition to the plans mean the meeting should be held in a larger venue than the civic centre chamber and not in August when so many people are away on holiday.’
    • ‘The grant would go towards building a new civic centre and sports pitch, with room to rehouse the Town Council, but the bid must be submitted by the end of this month.’
    • ‘I went into the civic centre and completed a complaint form and have not had a response yet.’
    • ‘Officials from states as far away as Utah, Wyoming, Michigan and West Virginia have started preparing their own military barracks, empty shopping malls and civic centres for refugees.’
    • ‘He always makes a point to talk about how much fun he has playing a genuinely different venue after endless weeks of bland civic centers and generic outdoor sheds.’
    • ‘There is a possibility the civic centre facility could re-open later this year and be run by an outside company.’
    • ‘There will be extensive waterfront communal facilities such as parks, artificial canals and a civic centre.’
    • ‘I do see an inviting civic center of theaters and other facilities.’
    • ‘The Kennedy Center almost qualifies as a civic center by itself.’
    • ‘There was a triage center set up at the civic center for injuries.’
    • ‘It is getting ready to rebuild its civic centre, which was destroyed when its roof collapsed some time ago.’
    • ‘We've toured Australia with it - clubs, corporate shows, civic centres.’
    • ‘With a start on site late in 2002, the civic centre was recently handed over to its users.’
    • ‘Anyway, I thought we might go to the civic center today.’
    • ‘We went to dinner, then drove to the site of the dance: the civic center.’
    • ‘After all, the new civic center belongs to the people of Hong Kong and its visitors.’
    • ‘A civic centre is nearing completion here with the finishing touches being added by the contractor.’


civic center

/ˈsivik ˈsen(t)ər/ /ˈsɪvɪk ˈsɛn(t)ər/