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civil defense

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  • The organization and training of civilians to be prepared for attacks in wartime.

    ‘Britain's wartime civil defence workers are being commemorated at an exhibition during Remembrance weekend.’
    • ‘The ending of the Cold War has resulted in diminished interest in, and budgeting for, civil defence in the traditional sense as a response to military attack.’
    • ‘These senior ministers would have been accompanied by military, intelligence and civil defence officers.’
    • ‘Beyond money for military and civil defense, Washington should increase general revenue-sharing outlays, so that hard-pressed states don't have to raise taxes in a recession.’
    • ‘Both military and civil defense are well developed, and the armed forces are equipped.’
    • ‘Stories could cover a wide range of topics including evacuation, bombing raids, civil defence, air raid precaution, home guard, land army, rationing, fire duty or digging for victory.’
    • ‘They will be given the authority to enlist any member of the public to help civil defence staff and to commandeer equipment or strategic buildings.’
    • ‘During his brief retirement, he took on the task of civil defense, wearing the uniform and insignia of a volunteer corporal roaming the streets of his town challenging passers-by.’
    • ‘And civil defense programs consisted of urging families to take cover and build fallout shelters and directing the development of community air raid shelters.’
    • ‘During the war, he served as a captain in York's civil defence, dealing with air raids on the city.’
    • ‘The City Administration has started training selected public order and civil defense officers to use gas pistols, an official said on Monday.’
    • ‘The civil defense forces did not have sufficient firepower or training.’
    • ‘As we become more reliant on the net to communicate, our civil defence strategy needs to invest far more in technology to counter such potential disruption.’
    • ‘They started down the road of civil defense and preparedness.’
    • ‘Today I got my hands on an incredible collection of WW2 civil defense manuals.’
    • ‘Yes, because we are working to meet the needs of the community as those needs are identified by local and regional government civil defence organisations.’
    • ‘The civil defence headquarters of the district instantly organized the evacuation of people to underground shelters and out into the suburbs.’


civil defense

/ˌsiv(ə)l dəˈfens/ /ˌsɪv(ə)l dəˈfɛns/