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civil marriage

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  • A marriage solemnized as a civil contract without religious ceremony.

    ‘Provisions in the Act govern civil marriages and require no religious ritual or ceremony of any kind.’
    • ‘If they oppose civil marriage as an institution, they wouldn't be sinning by entering into the religious marriage but not the civil marriage.’
    • ‘They conveniently ignore the fact that there is a distinct difference between religious and civil marriages and that California recognizes common-law relationships.’
    • ‘Legal objections centred on the Marriages Act of 1949, which updated the 1836 Marriage Act under which civil marriages were first allowed.’
    • ‘Three different types of marital union include church marriages, civil marriages, and consensual or common-law unions.’
    • ‘The 1836 Marriage Act allowed for civil marriages in England for the first time, with the exemption of the royal family.’
    • ‘Also couples already married as per religious rites under their personal law may, if they so want, turn their pre-existing marriage into a civil marriage by registering it under the Act.’
    • ‘Instead, couples who want to end their marriage request an annulment of the civil marriage, under the pretext that a procedural error was made during the civil marriage ceremony.’
    • ‘It's a reform that will certainly please couples from the county area, who wish to have a civil marriage ceremony.’
    • ‘In addition to the civil marriage ceremony, some couples now go to a mosque to get married according to Islamic law.’
    • ‘As the nation confronts these First Amendment issues, it will help to keep in mind that civil marriage and religious marriage are two different things.’
    • ‘There are three types of marriage in Nigeria today: religious marriage, civil marriage, and traditional marriage.’
    • ‘So, if we accept that religion doesn't govern civil marriage and that civil marriage changes over time, we are left with a more nebulous worry.’
    • ‘‘A civil marriage service is often the only ceremony marking the wedding,’ he said.’
    • ‘In June, the Scottish Marriage Act 2002 scrapped the restriction of civil marriages to register offices, allowing councils to approve other sites for ceremonies, including supermarkets.’
    • ‘Until 1982, all marriages occurred in churches, but civil marriages have been legal since that time.’
    • ‘There were a total of 592 church marriages recorded in the county as opposed to 126 civil marriages.’
    • ‘Around 20 couples have already expressed an interest in the ceremonies which will cost the same as civil marriages.’
    • ‘If the parties intend a civil marriage, then notice of the marriage must be posted for 15 days at the Magistrate's Court.’
    • ‘A law of 1874 required Catholic couples to have a civil marriage as well as a church ceremony.’


civil marriage

/ˈsivil ˈmerij/ /ˈsɪvɪl ˈmɛrɪdʒ/