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civil society

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  • Society considered as a community of citizens linked by common interests and collective activity.

    ‘the corrosive impact of fear on politics and civil society’
    • ‘they make important contributions to civil society’
    • ‘a flourishing civil society indifferent to race, gender, or economic category’
    • ‘Defining art's place in civil society is a no less thorny issue today.’
    • ‘Hamlet's lucky rescue by pirates opens up moral and legal perspectives beyond sovereignty and civil society.’
    • ‘Those men are beginning the process of reintegration into civil society.’
    • ‘One step forward for civil society may now mean two steps back.’
    • ‘Civil society springs up in tyranny's wake.’
    • ‘State control is total, leaving no room for civil society to grow.’
    • ‘The fact is that the only institution in the world today that is more powerful than the American government, is American civil society.’
    • ‘They want responsible, public-minded citizens but refuse to give civil society a chance.’
    • ‘Peru's civil society had been reborn.’
    • ‘There are very legitimate reasons to believe it might almost be impossible to get a civil society in place very fast.’
    • ‘I'm asking record companies to realize that they have a responsibility to a civil society.’
    • ‘There are some encouraging signs that a civil society is emerging especially in the area of environmental protection.’
    • ‘I do believe that the government is - at least verbally - committed in getting this civil society in place.’
    • ‘Europe, viciously divided against itself for centuries, has knit together into a democratic and civil society.’
    • ‘Winston Churchill once said that reservists were "twice the citizen" because of their dual commitments to civil society and the military.’
    • ‘Any civil society has be culturally adaptable.’
    • ‘What those who are afraid of civil society breaking down don't realize is that civil society has already broken down!’
    • ‘Can they adopt some of the practices and institutions of civil society?’
    • ‘Building a civil society here is going to take a while.’
    • ‘Weak civil society leads to high crime, low productivity and all kinds of social pathology.’