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civil union

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(also British civil partnership)
  • A legally recognized union with rights similar to those of marriage, created originally for same-sex couples in jurisdictions where they were not legally allowed to marry.

    ‘The state already has a statute banning recognition of same-sex marriages and civil unions.’
    • ‘Given that lengthy list, I ask how anyone can possibly say that civil unions are not same-sex marriages.’
    • ‘Support for civil unions and same-sex marriage has been steadily dropping in polls.’
    • ‘We should acknowledge that marriage, civil unions, and de facto relationships are different.’
    • ‘The judge who heard their petition decided that he could recognize their civil union.’
    • ‘The law recognizes the civil union of gay couples but does not term the union a marriage.’
    • ‘The Federal Marriage Amendment would not block a state from recognizing civil unions.’
    • ‘Marriage and civil unions simply make this consent explicit and concrete.’
    • ‘It is worth remembering that we didn't get civil unions by asking for civil unions.’
    • ‘They have happily cited the European countries that have provided for civil unions and for marriage.’
    • ‘The report says the purpose of the bill is to establish civil unions for different and same sex couples.’
    • ‘To the extent that civil unions will duplicate marriage, then extending that privilege is clearly unnecessary.’
    • ‘A civil union and a marriage will be synonymous in law; there will be no difference.’
    • ‘Everyone who supported civil unions but not marriage is caught by your example.’
    • ‘Heterosexual couples wishing to commit to each other will have two options: marriage or a civil union.’
    • ‘Not being a church-goer, I don't see any advantage marriage has over a civil union.’
    • ‘The civil union law is expressly designed to extend that same protection to same-sex couples.’
    • ‘The status of civil unions outside of Vermont is very much an open question.’
    • ‘It lost the cause on the civil union legislation, but it stuck by the strategy.’
    • ‘If that is the case, then there certainly aren't enough votes to pass civil unions legislation.’