Definition of civil wrong in English:

civil wrong


  • An infringement of a person's rights, such as a tort or breach of contract.

    ‘The law of torts, or civil wrongs, is extensive and its boundaries are indistinct.’
    • ‘In the nineteenth century it was accepted that a conviction for criminal conspiracy could be based on an agreement to do any unlawful act, even though that act was not criminal but only a civil wrong, such as a tort or breach of contract.’
    • ‘There is a risk of creating anomalies between damages recoverable for breach of Convention rights and those for other civil wrongs.’
    • ‘What civil wrong have these defendants committed?’
    • ‘It is a civil wrong to cause injury to another by negligence in driving a vehicle, but the claim is barred or reduced if the negligent conduct of the person injured is also a cause of the injury.’


civil wrong

/ˈsivil rôNG/ /ˈsɪvɪl rɔŋ/