Definition of cladode in English:



(also cladophyll)
  • A flattened leaflike stem.

    ‘At the time of anthesis, 80 flowers growing on 16 terminal cladodes (five flowers per cladode, with all additional flowers removed) were marked for growth measurements (the ‘control’).’
    • ‘For instance, the Aztecs prized the rich red color extracted from the dried bodies of insects that were raised on cladodes (leaf-like branches) of many species of prickly-pear cacti.’
    • ‘Opuntia robusta var. robusta is a perennial shrubby cactus with a poorly defined trunk made up of thick, orbicular, bluish-green cladodes.’
    • ‘Experiments reported herein focused on cladodes of O. ficusindica and stem segments of O. parryi var. parryi (cylindropuntia).’
    • ‘In cacti, relative capacitance of the cladode parenchyma is 1.04 MPa - 1, with large amounts of mucilage-associated solutes which may aid their function as an apoplastic capacitor.’



/ˈkladōd/ /ˈklædoʊd/


Late 19th century from Greek kladōdēs ‘with many shoots’, from klados ‘shoot’.