Definition of clamant in English:


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  • Forcing itself urgently on the attention.

    ‘the proper use of biotechnology has become a clamant question’
    • ‘You've been doing more for the system than the clamant renegades or blatant sell-outs you despise.’
    • ‘Is there not a clamant need today to rally to the cause of The Queen in Parliament, against constitutional and Europhile tinkering?’
    • ‘Instead, from day one, they should have shouted from the rooftops the clamant need for the most radical reform.’
    • ‘Even the most clamant exponents of the century's avant-gardes, those whose work was seen by others or even by themselves as ‘anti-art,’ have succeeded in expanding the resources of art by opening up the range of its materials and its techniques.’
    • ‘there is more than one meaning for ‘gjöll’ - one of these meanings can be directly translated: noisy, clamant, thunderous and raging.’
    persistent, insistent, tenacious, persevering, dogged, unremitting, unrelenting, tireless, indefatigable



/ˈklāmənt/ /ˈkleɪmənt/


Mid 17th century from Latin clamant- ‘crying out’, from the verb clamare.