Definition of clap back in English:

clap back

phrasal verb

informal US
  • Respond quickly to critical remarks or unfair treatment.

    • ‘she is not afraid to clap back at the haters when they use homophobic slurs’
    • ‘if you mess with him, he's going to clap back’
    • ‘The actress wasn't afraid to clap back at a now-deleted tweet criticizing her weight.’
    • ‘She clapped back at a fan who accused her of carelessly spending her new boo's money.’
    • ‘The model clapped back stating, 'We are in 2018. We are not in the 1950s.'’
    • ‘He clapped back at body shamers after his girlfriend posted a photo of herself in a bikini.’
    • ‘She could easily clap back, and justly so, but she handles it calmly.’
    • ‘You should know by now, that I will always clap back.’
    • ‘What makes you want to clap back at something instead of ignoring it?’
    • ‘She explained that she finds it "so fun" to clap back at her haters.’
    • ‘Every single time we clap back to our critics, we become stronger.’
    • ‘She saw the tweet and decided to clapback at these girls.’