Definition of claqueur in English:



  • A member of a claque.

    ‘Some claqueurs even developed specialties - such as the rieur, the most expert laugher in a given claque.’
    • ‘Before enlisting he had been the chief of a gang of claqueurs, whose business it was to lead the applause, or it might be, the hissing at the theatres of Rome.’
    • ‘In the title story, ‘The Lost and Found,’ Dulce Maria O'Riley de Vaca works part time as a claqueur, applauding for a television program called ‘The Lost and Found Show.’’
    • ‘The manager of a theatre sends an order for any number of claqueurs.’
    • ‘The speeches went on, the ‘Internationale’ was being repeated for the tenth time, the sailors performed their fancy exercises and the claqueurs on the reviewing stand were shouting hurrahs.’



/klaˈkər/ /klæˈkər/


Mid 19th century French, from claquer ‘to clap’.