Definition of clarsach in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklɑːrsəx/ /ˈklɑːsək/


  • A small harp with wire strings, used in the folk and early music of Scotland and Ireland.

    • ‘She is one of the best players of the Celtic harp, the clarsach, in the country and is trying to forge a career in music.’
    • ‘I loved the unusual blend of clarsach, fiddle and djembe, with Norrie's powerful Gaelic singing adding a huge impact to the songs.’
    • ‘Her youngest daughter is currently being taught the clarsach by a Scottish harpist.’
    • ‘Bagpipes, fiddle, pipes and clarsach are heard in pubs and hotels throughout the land.’
    • ‘The tight instrumental work on clarsach, keyboard, fiddle, accordion and pipes is augmented by powerful Gaelic singing.’


Late 15th century from Scottish Gaelic, perhaps based on clar ‘table, board’.



/ˈklɑːrsəx/ /ˈklɑːsək/