Definition of clary in English:



  • An aromatic herbaceous plant of the mint family, some kinds of which are used as culinary and medicinal herbs.

    Genus Salvia, family Labiatae: several species, in particular the southern European S. sclarea, which is used in perfumery and from which an essential oil (clary sage) is obtained

    ‘Aromatherapists often suggest using the oils of birch, lavender, black pepper, clary, ginger and marjoram to alleviate backache.’
    • ‘Our free plants have included annuals such as purple and pink clary, Californian poppies, English marigolds, and red nasturtiums.’
    • ‘Add 10 drops of an essential oil with a calming fragrance, like clary sage.’
    • ‘On shelves in one bedroom were dozens of bottles of essential oils: clary sage, cinnamon, tea tree and carrot seed.’
    • ‘These beautiful cards feature four of Plantlife's Back from the Brink species: juniper, pillwort, chamomile and meadow clary.’



/ˈklerē/ /ˈklɛri/


Late Middle English from obsolete French clarie, from medieval Latin sclarea.