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class struggle

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  • A conflict between different social classes, especially (in Marxist ideology) the conflict of interests between the workers and the ruling class in a capitalist society, regarded as inevitably violent.

    ‘After the First World War, Europe had been wracked by years of violent class struggles, but after the Second World War it had been possible to pacify the situation in Europe and restore bourgeois rule in a relatively short period of time.’
    • ‘But the truth is that there really is a class struggle and that capitalism and socialism are at odds with one another.’
    • ‘At the heart of capitalism is an ongoing class struggle between capital and labour.’
    • ‘The Fourth International was founded in 1938 through the initiative of Leon Trotsky because only this party would ensure the continuation of Marxism and prepare the working class for future class struggles.’
    • ‘They are a product of a past phase or phases of the class struggle and the workers' movement.’
    • ‘He would no doubt sneer at the universalist ideals of that generation, but they informed the class struggles of the inter-war period.’
    • ‘He developed a theory of the downturn in the class struggle to justify this sectarian line.’
    • ‘But their policies are only the sharpest expression of the class war being waged by all capitalist parties.’
    • ‘The social reforms won throughout the previous century by the working class were achieved as a by-product of militant class struggles.’
    • ‘The social upheavals concomitant on the war and the class struggles that followed it tended to undermine such social conventions.’
    • ‘To accomplish this task the working class must draw the lessons of the last century of great class struggles and build a genuine international socialist workers party.’
    • ‘The class war is a war, with the other side continually trying to take advantage of weak points on our side, to encourage division and fragmentation.’
    • ‘This will lead to an inevitable increase in revolutionary class struggles on a world scale.’
    • ‘Many were left without the means to buy food and supermarkets became the battleground of the class struggle.’
    • ‘The class struggle which is worldwide, the same in America as in Russia, makes us brothers indeed.’
    • ‘Over the last 20 years modern trade union leaders have abandoned the use of the strike as a blunt weapon in a class war against capitalism.’
    • ‘This is a tragedy, because they have a key and crucial role to play in the class struggles of this nation.’
    • ‘But if we were to draw up a balance sheet of the class struggle today, by and large workers are winning more than they are losing.’
    • ‘What all these schemas had in common was a rejection of the class struggle as the vehicle for socialism.’
    • ‘But what stage is the class struggle at, and what does it matter to socialists?’


class struggle

/klas ˈstrəɡəl/ /klæs ˈstrəɡəl/