Definition of classically in English:



  • 1In a way that relates to ancient Greek or Latin literature, art, or culture.

    ‘the nineteenth-century classically educated reader’
    • ‘the classically austere traditions of the Roman republic’
    • ‘In the classically austere traditions of the republic, its gladiators found the ideals to keep their enthusiasm on the high plane of the great historical tragedy.’
    • ‘Not all of these poets had poetic values as classically Horatian as Ryan's "temperance and sobriety of invention."’
    • ‘Fielding, aristocratic and classically educated, was worldly, tolerant, self-assured, and witty.’
    • ‘According to a traditional view of knowledge classically descending from Aristotle, wonder is a "cognitive emotion" endowed with a positive role.’
    • ‘The problem of any classically educated writer's falling in love with Greece was how to reconcile the provincial reality with the idealized images.’
    • ‘The classically inspired garden is a perfect spot for reading, relaxing, posing, or even planning a murder.’
    • ‘These were women who were classically educated through carefully selected literature and who would form the basis of a stable family life.’
    • ‘She maintains that a classically trained grammarian would in fact not interpret it that way.’
    • ‘In 1530, the physician and poet Girolamo Fracastoro christened the disease in his classically inspired poem "Syphilis."’
    • ‘All were children of the classically oriented Renaissance.’
    1. 1.1(with reference to art or architecture) in a way that resembles or is influenced by ancient Greek or Roman forms or principles.
      ‘fine architecture and beautiful, classically designed buildings’
      • ‘The phallus reappears in "Racional," a classically sculpted male torso.’
      • ‘The surreal gardens of Cythera contain all manner of outlandish, classically conceived decorative structures and fountains.’
      • ‘The general adoption of the classically influenced "Beaux-Arts model" for teaching architecture in the United States refined the study of classical proportion.’
      • ‘Classically inspired architecture in all its variations seemed too formal for commercial buildings.’
      • ‘The cemetery is a classically designed rectangle bisected with both oval and diagonal pathways.’
      • ‘It features wide piazzas, perfectly proportioned civic buildings, and classically inspired columns and arches.’
      • ‘Note the classically proportioned gatehouse and storied porch added between 1586 and 1600.’
      • ‘His interiors combine domes, columned screens, and apses with classically derived surface patterns in delicate colors.’
      • ‘After 1570, another leading architect modernized the house and added classically inspired fronts to the entrance and to the grand entrance to the hall.’
      • ‘When the museum opened in 1961, in a classically inspired pavilion, Carter's collection became the foundation of a public enterprise.’
  • 2To an exemplary standard within a traditional and long-established form or style.

    ‘a classically trained British stage actor’
    • ‘a truly terrific evening of classically inspired dance’
    • ‘Emotional expression isn't sacrificed to the demands of classically beautiful tone.’
    • ‘Much of the show's success is attributable the classically trained cast.’
    • ‘He represents Danish, a classically trained painter born in Ukraine.’
    • ‘It seemed suitable for a lovely 32-year-old classically trained cellist.’
    • ‘He performs the work here with Glennie, a more classically oriented percussionist.’
    • ‘This is a real voice, classically trained and responsive to most everything its owner asks it to do.’
    • ‘The storytelling builds to an almighty crescendo between two classically trained craftsmen.’
    • ‘It needs a classically sensed score to build the tension and give greater sense to the overwhelming energy.’
    • ‘This subtle fragrance is classically feminine with a modern approach.’
    • ‘More of an improviser than a classically trained cook, he still puts hot sauce on everything.’
    1. 2.1In a way that relates to the first significant period of an area of study.
      ‘so much of Marxist economics was classically oriented’
      • ‘Iberian horses have been classically divided into two native groups’
      • ‘Dispensed medications are classically classified into three categories.’
      • ‘The chef explains that the dishes will be classically interpreted, but will be a touch more progressive.’
      • ‘Interruption of oxygen supply to the fetus was classically considered to be the main causal factor explaining later cerebral palsy.’
      • ‘This rare syndrome was classically diagnosed by a triad of findings.’
      • ‘Nonhereditary DNA mutations are not classically understood as representing the individual's genotype.’
    2. 2.2In a way that is very typical of its kind.
      ‘a classically styled cyberpunk film’
      • ‘In fact, he gets a classically Sonnenfeld story about trying to get the trainer to teach the dog to talk.’
      • ‘The actor shows up with one of his classically odd performances.’
      • ‘He tries to write off both performances with his classically backhanded style.’
      • ‘It was a classically American Fourth of July.’
      • ‘But that does not diminish its status as classically Bergmanesque.’
      • ‘He is already burying the actor and his career in a classically Friedmanesque act of media myopia.’
      • ‘As I pointed out, in classically long-winded form, the argument is about as clever as a four-year-old's protest.’
      • ‘It's a crackerjack spy thriller with classically Hitchcockian characters and situations.’
      • ‘It is easy to assume that the director's reticent, classically self-effacing style is merely decorative, dry, or inert.’
      • ‘The first thing to note is that, classically, drunkenness involves a privileged relation to truth.’
  • 3Physics
    According to or in accordance with concepts and theories which preceded the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics.

    ‘we can describe light classically in terms of an electromagnetic wave’
    • ‘wormholes may be unstable, both classically or quantum mechanically’
    • ‘The evolution of a classically chaotic Hamiltonian system is characterized by a computational complexity that increases exponentially with time elapsed.’
    • ‘The author examines solvability in quantum mechanics and classically superfluous invariants.’
    • ‘Large objects can behave classically, while smaller objects behave quantum mechanically.’
    • ‘Classically, a particle trapped in a one-dimensional infinite potential well of length L would have an equal probability of being detected anywhere in the well.’
    • ‘We can say that the particle must be moving around in the classically allowed region.’



/ˈklasiklē/ /ˈklæsɪkli/