Definition of classwork in English:



  • Schoolwork that is done in class.

    ‘The answer probably lies in the ratio of coursework to observed classwork, with the resultant examinations.’
    • ‘Extra points can be gained for outstanding pieces of classwork.’
    • ‘The most basic way of integrating Internet usage into classwork or homework is to ask students to find information.’
    • ‘Some eight students appeared to be doing classwork or homework without observed teacher supervision, assistance or involvement.’
    • ‘A unique basketball project linking primary school classwork has been declared a success following a pilot scheme funded by £ 30,000 of Lottery money.’
    • ‘To many educators, the remedy for poor classroom performance is an enormous amount of ditto homework sheets that mimic classwork.’
    • ‘Under no circumstances is it acceptable for you to communicate with your teacher in any way except about classwork.’
    • ‘Extracurricular activities, such as Drama Club and the School Play can benefit classwork and enable students to enhance their skills.’
    • ‘The scheme was launched in September and involves pupils being rewarded for good classwork, behaviour and citizenship.’
    • ‘The fancy items last about a week or a month at school before the routine of classwork and homework takes over.’
    • ‘Very practically, homework allows more ground to be covered and enables classwork to concentrate on activities that require the presence of the teacher.’
    • ‘Because the textbooks often were too hard, the students had difficulty completing their classwork.’
    • ‘I didn't have any friends, I wouldn't participate in class, my classwork was terrible, and lots of other things.’
    • ‘Where homework is well used, teachers ensure that it is integrated with, reinforces and capitalises on classwork.’
    • ‘Now, the buddies are sitting on the students desks, where they provide inspiration for classwork, but they will eventually make their way home.’
    • ‘All pieces of written work should have a date, whether the piece is classwork or prep and the title neatly underlined with a ruler.’
    • ‘Recruited by more than 30 colleges, Robertson sought a school that would allow him to alternate his business-administration classwork with on-the-job training.’
    • ‘With a mix of students in the college, upper-year students could help lower-year students with classwork or other aspects of student life.’
    • ‘In Marks' study of 49 urban high school students, those who perceived classwork to be authentic and their teachers to be supportive showed enhanced engagement in school.’
    • ‘However, homework is often insufficiently linked to classwork and is set inconsistently across classes.’



/ˈklasˌwərk/ /ˈklæsˌwərk/