Definition of clausal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklôzəl/


See clause

‘Problematic sequences that cannot easily be analysed into clausal constituents appear in such contexts as labels, titles, warnings, and greetings.’
  • ‘The use of ‘because’ here makes clear that the external speaker is making a judgement about the clausal relationship between the two events described in and from the viewpoint of the discourse's internal protagonist.’
  • ‘Having stated this position, Jackendoff immediately points to two cases where syntax and semantics fail to match up; one concerns the grammatical relation of clausal subject, the other the lexical category of noun.’
  • ‘The sentence begins with what is traditionally known as an absolutive clausal adjunct - a gerund-participial clause functioning as an adjunct in clause structure.’
  • ‘This is a fantastically rare kind of clausal syntax.’