Definition of claustrophobically in English:


Pronunciation /-ik(ə)lē/


See claustrophobic

‘Add to this a painful lack of female characters, and one gets a film that is claustrophobically obsessed with the lessons that all these obviously tragic male figures have to teach.’
  • ‘Throughout the film's second hour, the main part of the cast is holed up claustrophobically in the New York Public Library, where the only destructive pleasure available is book-burning.’
  • ‘But for a summer or two, there was a burst of musical energy, a refreshing blast of oxygen zooming through the introspective world that ‘rock music’ had claustrophobically induced.’
  • ‘Outside, it's all wide-open spaces, but the Icelandic music scene is a small, claustrophobically friendly one, where bands are like families and musicians play in several groups at once.’
  • ‘What's more, his vigilance was becoming claustrophobically possessive and paranoically jealous: he would ring her several times a day to check up on her.’