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technical term for collarbone
‘The shoulder girdle is formed by the scapulae (shoulder blades) and clavicles (collar bones).’
  • ‘When all support is disrupted or detached, the distal clavicle loses all ligamentous connection, allowing it to rise superiorly.’
  • ‘The clavicle and scapula together form the shoulder girdle.’
  • ‘There is nothing you can do to alter your clavicles or hip bones, so you need to focus on widening your delts and upper lats.’
  • ‘During surgery, we observed partial or complete detachment of the trapezoid and deltoid muscles from the lateral clavicle in all patients.’



/ˈklavək(ə)l/ /ˈklævək(ə)l/


Early 17th century from Latin clavicula ‘small key’, diminutive of clavis (because of its shape).