Definition of clavicle in English:



technical term for collarbone
  • ‘The shoulder girdle is formed by the scapulae (shoulder blades) and clavicles (collar bones).’
  • ‘When all support is disrupted or detached, the distal clavicle loses all ligamentous connection, allowing it to rise superiorly.’
  • ‘The clavicle and scapula together form the shoulder girdle.’
  • ‘There is nothing you can do to alter your clavicles or hip bones, so you need to focus on widening your delts and upper lats.’
  • ‘During surgery, we observed partial or complete detachment of the trapezoid and deltoid muscles from the lateral clavicle in all patients.’


Early 17th century from Latin clavicula ‘small key’, diminutive of clavis (because of its shape).