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claw hammer

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  • 1A hammer with one side of the head split and curved, used for extracting nails.

    ‘They just do not do anything for me artistically speaking, being about as exciting as a claw hammer or a nail gun.’
    • ‘For instance, there's the double-claw hammer used by woodworkers and carpenters to pull up nails with more ease than a single claw hammer.’
    • ‘The daughter was using a claw hammer to do the job, and because the hammer was small and the ground was hard, the job was going very slowly.’
    • ‘I had my cordless drill with attachments, flat tip screwdriver and a claw hammer.’
    • ‘I keep most of my tools, but I'm not certain I have a claw hammer.’’
    • ‘Neither of them could have had a claw hammer big enough to pull out the railroad spikes.’
    • ‘All I could do was run at full speed, bouncing the ball on the clubface as I went along - and bounce the ball on the head of a claw hammer and catch it there, the ball spinning like a top.’
    • ‘Towards the end, he has been transformed into a man, constantly on the move, containing a barely suppressed rage, which allows him to take on dozens of armed men with only a claw hammer and make threats like no one else.’
    • ‘Unwilling to climb up, he'd elected to weight one end of the rope with a claw hammer, which he heaved heavenward in the hope it would sail over the limb.’
    • ‘Tossing the claw hammer on to the floor, he sank down to his knees.’
    • ‘Setting it down in front of the door, she selected a twenty-two-ounce claw hammer and got to work.’
    • ‘He remembered how his dad had lifted the floor boards with a claw hammer.’
    • ‘My husband is a carpenter and I could see it was a claw hammer.’
    • ‘It's like trying to remove a screw with a claw hammer; it's the wrong tool for the job.’
    • ‘Soon after being removed, plywood forms should be inspected for wear and cleaned with a hardwood wedge and a stiff fiber brush rather than a metal brush, hammer, or claw hammer.’
    • ‘But bring safety glasses and don't use claw hammers from home to break up rock - they are too soft and the steel will splinter!’
  • 2

    (also clawhammer)
    A style of banjo playing in which the thumb and fingers strum or pluck the strings in a downward motion.

    ‘That evolution includes picking up other instruments and styles, like the clawhammer banjo or fingerpicking guitar, all of which had plenty of time to develop in her newfound home.’
    • ‘You can hear great performers in a cabaretlike setting, or dabble in ukulele and clawhammer banjo lessons.’
    • ‘I got to listen to lots and lots of old-time music, folk stuff and old men singing ballads and playing clawhammer banjo and fiddle.’


claw hammer

/ˈklô ˌhamər/ /ˈklɔ ˌhæmər/