Definition of clawed in English:



  • 1Having a curved pointed horny nail on each digit.

    ‘a clawed hand grabbed for me’
    • ‘scaly creatures with beaks and clawed feet’
    • ‘two Asian short-clawed otters’
    • ‘The cherubic toddler soon becomes a horned beast whose clawed foot is the size of a person.’
    • ‘Folding her clawed fingers into a tent, she nods.’
    • ‘The African clawed frog is used for pregnancy tests.’
    • ‘A hand snatched her wrist in mid-swing, clawed fingers tightening as she tried to struggle free.’
    • ‘In previous tales, he had been portrayed as a clawed, noseless monster.’
    • ‘Their legs are quite strong, with four sharp-clawed toes and webbed feet.’
    • ‘He reached his muscled arm across the water and stretched out his long-clawed fingers.’
    • ‘The red-clawed seagulls circled for a long time over the shell of the upturned ship.’
    • ‘I think I see something that looks like a clawed appendage with a wing trying to flap free.’
    • ‘Four clawed digits are found on each forefoot.’
    1. 1.1(of crabs, lobsters, and other arthropods) having pincers.
      ‘clawed lobsters are found in Nova Scotia’
      • ‘Spiny and long-clawed squat lobsters are a common sight, but this little chap, Galathea squamifera, is much less obvious.’
      • ‘The crayfish is a vicious, red-clawed predator that has almost wiped out the smaller, gentler native species since introduced to Britain 35 years ago.’
      • ‘Did you know there are white prawns, tiger prawns, and spiny-clawed prawns?’
      • ‘The purple-clawed land hermit crab is the only terrestrial hermit known from the tropical western Atlantic region.’
      • ‘With big-clawed snapping shrimp, aggressive interactions are usually won by the larger animal.’



/klôd/ /klɔd/