Definition of claymore in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklāmôr/ /ˈkleɪmɔr/


  • 1A two-edged broadsword used by Scottish Highlanders.

    • ‘Clasped before her in her hands, with its point resting on the mahogany wood, was a large, double-handed broadsword - a claymore.’
    • ‘Quickly, the Highlander sheathed his claymore and dropped his shield.’
    • ‘As the claymores, targes and antique pistols on the walls of Seaforth Cottage also testify, domicile north of the Great Glen can also engender a degree of swashbuckling.’
    • ‘The rivalry lives on today with the team prize of a two-handed claymore still keenly contested between Scottish and English clubs.’
    • ‘He was wearing a huge sword across his back - a claymore, a heavy, two handed sword that only skilled warriors could wield.’
    1. 1.1A single-edged broadsword having a hilt with a basketwork design, introduced in Scotland in the 16th century.
  • 2A type of antipersonnel mine.

    • ‘Of course, no soldier would dare go off into battle without a sidearm and trusty combat knife, and a well-thrown hand grenade or a well-placed claymore mine can likewise serve you well.’
    • ‘The mines were intended as anti-personnel devices, jury-rigged claymores.’
    • ‘He's sitting over on 6th Avenue, chortling at the abusive nature of this show, which is akin to hunting foals with an Uzi, claymores and hand grenades.’
    • ‘It attributed the two soldiers' deaths to a claymore mine blast that hit a road patrol in the area.’
    • ‘Given the ‘all clear,’ the final scored task was to employ and recover a claymore mine.’
    • ‘Another weapon that caused multiple wounds, the claymore mine, was used extensively by both sides in the Vietnam War.’
    • ‘One notable weapon, the claymore mine, consisted of a C - 4 block with several embedded ball bearings.’
    • ‘Apart from firing all unit small arms by day and night, soldiers threw grenades and fired claymore mines.’
    • ‘Once they launched their rocket and gave away their position in the dark, dried-up riverbed, they were exposed to a merciless rain of machine gun fire, mortar bombs and claymore mines.’
    • ‘Once the plastic wrap and sticky labels and claymore mines are all safely removed, I'll take my treasure to the family room downstairs.’
    • ‘They should all be stopped at the border by lines of claymore mines.’
    • ‘It's like watching two kids in a sandpit, armed with claymore mines and chewing on detonator caps.’
    • ‘I recommend claymore mines and Blackhawk helicopters to make sure you get him.’
    • ‘He laid out a perimeter and the men of 1st Platoon began digging and setting out trip flares and claymore mines.’
    • ‘I flipped open the cooler, and took out several claymores, and grenades, then stuffed them in any available pocket.’
    • ‘In many cases, they would place two claymores next to each other to create an even larger fan of shrapnel.’
    • ‘Then I kneeled back down, took out a claymore, set it underneath my pack, and tied the string directly to my pack, and a low branch, so that if someone tries and picks it up, it'll blow up.’
    • ‘Or was it just your psychic powers that held the pin in the claymore?’
    • ‘Another claymore went off, sending several of them flying.’
    • ‘It uses the existing M18 claymore munition and the non-lethal M5 modular crowd control munition.’


Early 18th century from Scottish Gaelic claidheamh ‘sword’ + mór ‘great’.



/ˈklāmôr/ /ˈkleɪmɔr/