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  • 1Sharply outlined.

    ‘the normally clean-cut edge between sea and land has become blurred’
    • ‘Incised wounds have clean-cut, straight edges and generally are free of abrasion or contusion.’
    • ‘Cut a piece of fabric with the tip and along the blade, looking for a clean-cut edge.’
    • ‘She was sure they had once been clean-cut, but frequent wear gradually eroded away the edges.’
    • ‘A California dreamer from an endless summer: shirt-jackets, clean-cut cottons, linen Oxford and bandana prints are ready for men enjoying sunset colours on the beach.’
    • ‘With clean-cut designs and natural and fluent lines, the collection aims to present elegance while incorporating the most up-to-date fashion ideas.’
    • ‘We would like to have very black and very white, very good, very evil, very clean-cut distinctions and those distinctions can be blurred if we aren't careful.’
    • ‘A clean-cut chilled gazpacho made an exhilarating appetiser, its sharp tomato edge juxtaposed with a mellow, voluptuous quenelle of crab and avocado.’
    • ‘It's the same dry, clean-cut, bright, energetic world that drew Stravinsky to a later Italian composer, Pergolesi, in Pulcinella.’
    • ‘‘I wanted really clean-cut fabrics and it turned out to be a real nightmare trying to source them in Glasgow,’ she says.’
    • ‘Most, in the finish, have been quite clean-cut.’
    • ‘As far as I'm concerned, this is a simple, clean-cut civil rights issue.’
    • ‘Those that do usually have lots of pictures, are updated everyday, and have simple, clean-cut writing.’
    • ‘The Mayor's office, the GLA, your Authority; it appears to us it is not as clean-cut and clear as you are indicating.’
    • ‘The whole concept is fuzzy because, unlike so many other things in algebra that have definite formulas that are logical and clean-cut, factoring isn't this way.’
    • ‘This guy had a plan, a very clear, clean-cut plan.’
    1. 1.1Giving the appearance of neatness and respectability.
      ‘the ad featured two clean-cut teenagers’
      • ‘The targets of the titular hunt are mostly clean-cut fellows with rippled, reflective abs.’
      • ‘He also calms fears that aliens may be lurking - and who wouldn't trust the word of such a clean-cut fellow?’
      • ‘Yet he claims drugs and alcohol were never problems in the band; they were clean-cut guys who were much more into baseball than the party scene.’
      • ‘The guys were clean-cut and dashing, the girls were curly-haired and red-lipped.’
      • ‘He's not the clean-cut bloke pictured in the film's ad art but rather someone at the end of their tether.’
      • ‘The good-looking, clean-cut boys with their excellent manners and friendly dispositions tunneled through Papa's gruff exterior and became his friends.’
      • ‘A clean-cut chap staggers along the stadium floor in step.’
      • ‘They are both what adults of a certain age would call clean-cut boys.’
      • ‘But he was a clean-cut boy who attended school and had never been in trouble with the law.’
      • ‘And those clean-cut boys in their ties sure are perky without even a sip of cola to boost them.’
      • ‘Upon seeing the clean-cut boy jogging toward her, she stood up from her seat on the edge of the empty fountain.’
      • ‘He said that he didn't match his image of a deranged maniac - he was very clean-cut.’
      • ‘If you appeared to be a clean-cut youngster, or your parent gave permission, buying a gun was not a big deal.’
      • ‘One of the teenagers, a clean-cut former gang member handing out anti-violence bumper stickers, said he thought the mayor was serious about reducing crime in the neighborhood.’
      • ‘Once I had emerged from my dark days of repression and conformity, I stopped my infatuation with pop stars and clean-cut, wholesome actors, and discovered the world of celebrity chefs.’
      • ‘Women have varying tastes, some like the rugged look, but very popular is the clean-cut, clean-living man.’
      • ‘And also, the fact that he's a nice, clean-cut looking man.’
      • ‘A young man, clean-cut, sharp and fit, perched above us on the coping stones of the top of the seven feet high wall.’
      • ‘But the case manager is not present when two clean-cut young men in suits happen to knock on his apartment door the following week.’
      • ‘A clean-cut young man, with dark skin and an average build, he was sitting with a bull's eye target hanging around his neck.’
      simple, elegant, graceful, uncluttered, trim, shapely, unfussy, uncomplicated



/ˌklēnˈkət/ /ˌklinˈkət/