Definition of clean slate in English:

clean slate


  • An absence of existing restraints or commitments.

    ‘I felt like I could start again with a clean slate’
    • ‘For now, suffice it to say that, for the first time, the Bankruptcy Court will become a tool for collection of credit card debt, instead of a refuge of last resort for debtors overwhelmed by their debt and in need of a clean slate.’
    • ‘The cardinal, by staying, is really making a sacrifice for the church, allowing his future successor to come in with a clean slate.’
    • ‘And I'm looking forward to starting with a clean slate.’
    • ‘And as far as I'm concerned, we start with a clean slate.’
    • ‘I believe that every child comes with a clean slate.’
    • ‘Only the tabula rasa, the clean slate, may enable possibilities not hindered by former obligations of cities and architecture to be stable.’
    • ‘I'm rather relieved if there's a clean slate and it's just two people talking, rather than there being a lot of preconceptions.’
    • ‘So you need to make sure that you've done an analysis, an autopsy on the relationships that you've had before and go into new ones with a clean slate.’
    • ‘The older I get, the more I'm convinced that the key to happiness is starting every day, if you can, with a clean slate.’
    • ‘Seven in ten say he does not have a fresh start or a clean slate.’
    • ‘But this guy started with a clean slate, and this is not the time for training a new FBI director.’
    • ‘She thinks she comes into the room with a clean slate and she doesn't.’
    • ‘Did I just get caught up in the excitement of a new year, of a clean slate?’
    • ‘Start with a clean slate at a logical breakpoint such as your next monthly checking account statement.’
    • ‘They had no prior record, a clean slate at school, and seemingly no reason to have fired the deadly shots.’
    • ‘Having that clean slate is proving tremendously helpful to keeping me focused and motivated.’
    • ‘I prefer to go into a film with a clean slate, knowing as little as possible about the film before I see it.’
    • ‘I need to clear my accumulated commitments and start 2003 afresh with a clean slate.’
    • ‘The police checked all of the teacher's files, and all of them have clean slates.’
    • ‘This move will let us all start with a clean slate.’