Definition of clean someone's clock in English:

clean someone's clock


  • 1North American informal Give someone a beating.

    • ‘he went wild and cleaned everybody's clock down there in the dugout’
    • ‘I want names buster or I am going to come down there and personally clean your clock.’
    • ‘Then, when they meet a skilled person who is really trying to clean their clock, they may be disappointed in what they can actually pull out of their training.’
    • ‘Speaking of Thanksgiving, some fool in a car almost cleaned my clock on my way in to work this morning!’
    • ‘Maybe I should invest in a hemp shirt reading ‘Don't knock my smock, or I'll clean your clock.’’
    • ‘The impact knocked me unconscious and from what I've heard, a few more bombs cleaned my clock.’
    • ‘And I don't think they saw him there, and they cleaned his clock.’
    • ‘I tried talking to him, he had nothin’ but mumbles, so I cleaned his clock with a solid left.’
    1. 1.1Defeat or surpass someone decisively.
      • ‘racing in this yacht he cleaned the clocks of the Regatta fleet’
      • ‘He cleaned his clock in the French debate.’
      • ‘As he became a dot on the horizon I reassured myself if I were his age, with his bike, with his quads, his parents and his Spandex I'd clean his clock.’
      • ‘Although Ray played well, he and his partner could not beat a pair of high handicappers who almost cleaned their clock.’
      • ‘Dad turned beet red, the whole café howled with laughter, and I proceeded to clean Dad 's clock for like the ninth straight week.’
      • ‘To me, there is nothing better - and I'm only talking about in athletics now - than absolutely cleaning someone's clock.’
      • ‘I heard that the new kid who just moved into the old dojo cleaned your clock.’
      • ‘I sorta’ threw the gauntlet down the previous year and made it clear I'd clean Dave 's clock on a stage or two if he had the guts to take me on.’
      • ‘Every so often, the enemy presents himself and at every instance he does that, we clean his clock.’