Definition of clear the decks in English:

clear the decks


  • Prepare for a particular event or goal by dealing with anything beforehand that might hinder progress.

    ‘the company's sale of Australian investments cleared the decks for expansion in the UK’
    • ‘‘Obviously now things have blown and people are clearing the decks and I just think anyone who's got anything to say should say it now,’ she said.’
    • ‘Your Honours, may I clear the decks so far as the facts which of course are not as factual inquiry before this Court but without which we cannot win.’
    • ‘He is to abandon two central planks of the government's crime legislation as he clears the decks before announcing the start of the general election campaign, expected in the next two days.’
    • ‘It was always spelt out to me that I would have to trim the wage bill and the playing staff and there has been quite a bit of clearing the decks.’
    • ‘But it was a case of clearing the decks, then having a look at what was left, and trying to build from there.’
    • ‘This is a government that is clearing the decks.’
    • ‘The Administration is clearing the decks for the second term.’
    • ‘The contenders are clearing the decks and making ready to do battle.’
    • ‘For the last year he's been clearing the decks of any issue that might have caused a problem when the campaign proper began.’
    • ‘It's about clearing the decks for the quickest possible election date of August 7.’