Definition of cleaver in English:



  • A tool with a heavy, broad blade, used by butchers for chopping meat.

    ‘a meat cleaver’
    • ‘The victim then broke free and ran back into his house, before returning with a meat cleaver and a kitchen knife.’
    • ‘He got a larger knife - a meat cleaver - for protection, and to frighten the other man, and returned to the room.’
    • ‘When you take it out, don't touch the meat with a cleaver or knife.’
    • ‘She pulled out the meat cleaver and carefully ran her finger across the lethal blade.’
    • ‘Thugs escaped with thousands of pounds after raiding the Harpurhey Post Office and supermarket on Rochdale Road with a meat cleaver.’
    • ‘A rookie police constable who disarmed a violent psychiatric patient wielding a meat cleaver is to receive a commendation for bravery.’
    • ‘Robbers used guns and a meat cleaver to hold up two businesses.’
    • ‘One had a meat cleaver and he ordered me out of the car.’
    • ‘Police sealed off the flats before beginning negotiations with a resident, whom officers feared had a meat cleaver.’
    • ‘On the other hand, how did they know there wasn't a meat cleaver or chainsaw nestling in that innocent looking guitar case?’
    • ‘Besides, how on earth can you peel it with a meat cleaver?’
    • ‘I dropped my head into my hands, wishing I had a meat cleaver nearby.’
    • ‘A meat cleaver whizzed past him as Tusslefoot leapt away from his seat.’
    • ‘I have done the same with a meat cleaver when sober.’
    • ‘He took it in his hand the way he would a fragile piece of spun glass, a glaring opposite to Nimue's handling of it as if it were a meat cleaver.’
    • ‘Satire often works best with the sharp paring knife of subtlety; Lee has elected to use a meat cleaver.’
    • ‘Tap the meat out lightly with a heavy object such as meat cleaver or rolling pin.’
    • ‘Dervin pulled out a cleaver and started chopping another fruit.’
    • ‘They wielded a pistol in each hand as calmly and skillfully as a butcher wielded a cleaver and had spare ammo clips around their waists.’
    • ‘One tool you will need is a very sharp knife or cleaver to chop and shred foods.’
    chopper, hatchet, axe, knife
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