Definition of clementine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklemənˌtin/ /ˈklɛmənˌtɪn/ /ˈklemənˌtīn/ /ˈklɛmənˌtaɪn/

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  • A tangerine of a deep orange-red North African variety which is grown around the Mediterranean and in South Africa.

    ‘Tangerines are actually a type of mandarin orange as are clementines, but here in the US, the names are used interchangeably.’
    • ‘What distinguishes the Corsican clementine from other varieties of clementines?’
    • ‘Like tangerines and satsumas, clementines are often a feature of Christmas stockings.’
    • ‘I feel the same about clementines, a variety of mandarin orange.’
    • ‘There are potatoes (satisfyingly dirty), onions, broccoli, tomatoes, a lettuce, parsnips, bananas (very small), apples and clementines.’
    • ‘I start every day with mango, grapes, cherries, melon and clementines, served on a Georgian silver tray.’
    • ‘This time she brought sour cherries in kirsch syrup, and blood oranges in clementine syrup.’
    • ‘The tangerines and clementines are still going down well.’
    • ‘All you get are inferior Spanish clementines and Florida tangerines, hard as bricks but not so tasty.’
    • ‘They also grow clementines and high quality olives for oil.’
    • ‘The idea was that no one can really tell the difference between a clementine, a satsuma and a mandarin.’
    • ‘Dip the clementines and grapes into the syrup to coat.’
    • ‘Glistening candied clementines stunned us with their gorgeous color.’
    • ‘If you can't find fresh mandarins, you can substitute canned (drain the syrup first) or clementines, another sweet, juicy member of the mandarin family.’
    • ‘The skins and zest were peeled and the clementines were sectioned.’
    • ‘Demonstrators at an Almeria port last week broke open trucks and destroyed thousands of boxes of clementines from Morocco.’
    • ‘It didn't last - he couldn't afford the laundry bill - but his house smelt quietly of clementines for months.’
    • ‘Carefully spoon in dollops over the clementines, then smooth over with a palette knife to completely cover.’
    • ‘Add extra glitz by brushing the clementines with a little warm honey before serving.’
    • ‘To serve, add rustic Tuscan touches with a gorgeous bunch of grapes, dried figs, walnuts, clementine oranges, and honey.’


1920s from French clémentine, from the male given name Clément.