Definition of clever-clever in English:



  • Excessively anxious to appear impressively clever or intelligent.

    ‘her silly little clever-clever theories of love and marriage’
    • ‘Those are the universes where people thought that Mighton's stage play was a miserable flop, a clever-clever intellectual exercise with no emotional weight.’
    • ‘To that end he fills the screen with clever-clever little homages to a great era in French cinema.’
    • ‘It's a concentrated, half-hour shot of intense guitar noise and clever-clever couplets.’
    • ‘It could be that a fashion for clever-clever post-modernism has drained the soul from our playwrights and the politics from their writing.’
    • ‘The clever-clever developers get all the kudos for coming up with the idea in the first place.’
    • ‘The building is massively experimental, clever-clever, tricksy, fussy, risky - and I bet it dates quickly and badly.’
    • ‘It's almost too clever-clever, but gets away with it by skipping along regardless and still being hilarious even on repeated listens.’
    • ‘Internet geeks will rejoice at the latest clever-clever web campaign.’
    • ‘She knew from experience that this was no device, no clever-clever ruse designed to reveal her true character.’
    • ‘Inside is where the real source of the problems comes from, thanks to the clever-clever iDrive system.’
    • ‘Maybe his character is some oblique clever-clever reference to Japanese theatre.’
    • ‘I'm a big fan of Magic In Theory and Practice, as it's basically full of plain speaking rather than the usual Crowley clever-clever obfuscation.’
    • ‘The clever-clever double casting of Bonnevie serves only to emphasize Alex's callowness.’
    • ‘You could be forgiven for thinking that they were indeed the clever-clever early - 80s plagiarists paragraph one has them pegged as.’