Definition of click beetle in English:

click beetle

Pronunciation /klik ˈbēdl/ /klɪk ˈbidl/


  • A long, narrow beetle which can spring up with a click as a means of startling predators and escaping. Its larva is the wireworm.

    Family Elateridae: numerous genera

    ‘Wireworms, the larvae of click beetles, cause damage in corn fields by feeding on seed prior to and shortly following germination.’
    Also called skipjack
    • ‘Similar to northern West Virginia, click beetles were major prey of bats at LUZ and 35% of beetle claws extracted from the GFSP colony guano were later identified to this family.’
    • ‘Hamilton noted that E. fuscus in northern West Virginia also preyed substantially on insect pests (e.g., click beetles, Elateridae).’
    • ‘Interestingly, the bioluminescence spectra distribution in click beetles also shifts from the green to the red region when the insect develops from egg to adult.’
    • ‘The adults are called click beetles because when they are on their backs, they will flip up and turn over with a clicking noise.’