Definition of clickwrap in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklikrap/ /ˈklɪkræp/


usually as modifier
  • A legal agreement used for software programs or online services, for which a user indicates acceptance by selecting a particular icon or link before they are given access.

    ‘do the clickwrap contracts adequately advise me of what the adware and spyware does?’
    • ‘Dell has apparently started including a ‘clickwrap’ license agreement on all of its computers that you need to agree to before you can actually use the machine.’
    • ‘It asserted, for example, that notice in a service or ‘clickwrap’ agreement - endless scrolls of tiny print no one reads - would constitute consumer permission.’
    • ‘But what about the online ‘clickwrap’ contracts that never give you a choice?’
    • ‘Sure, this is a much higher standard than required of any other form of clickwrap contract.’
    • ‘One can't help but wonder if the cell phone industry is trying again to get a clickwrap safe-harbor provision that would shield them.’


1990s from click and wrap, on the pattern of shrink-wrap.