Definition of clifftop in English:



  • An area of land at the top of a cliff.

    ‘the windswept clifftops’
    as modifier ‘clifftop paths’
    • ‘Otherwise, strike left up to the cliff top.’
    • ‘She gazed at the amazing, lumbering dark masses, grazing on the cliff top.’
    • ‘There are elements you recognise - motorways, roundabouts, roofs of industrial units, even a clifftop caravan site.’
    • ‘With the coming spring warming the earth, peregrine falcons are now starting to lay their eggs on remote cliff tops around Scotland.’
    • ‘The rest is the best, a meander around the cliff tops on hard-baked clay.’
    • ‘Imagine the scene - Doc is standing on a cliff top, overlooking the mighty Helford River.’
    • ‘Like many others, they strolled out along the cliff-top path to Holland Point to watch the sea retreating.’
    • ‘Pairs nest in colonies or alone on cliff tops, flat, rocky ground, ice, or snow.’
    • ‘Whether the monster came via the clifftops or via the quiet country road may never be known.’
    • ‘The process was originally carried out in the cliff-top fishing village of Auchmithie, which was largely populated by families of Norse origin.’
    • ‘Picture yourself standing on a cliff-top in Scotland, breathing a wind washed by 3,000 miles of ocean.’
    • ‘Evie ran along treacherous clifftop paths, through tangled trees, always fleeing a nameless pursuer who was only a few paces behind.’
    • ‘The shorn cliff top gives way to longer grasses, which droop over the path.’
    • ‘On a clifftop beside a broad estuary stood a white building, a massive dome resting on slender pillars.’
    • ‘The dispute centres on land around the temple complex that is situated on a cliff-top.’
    • ‘We walked across the fields that ran over the cliff tops.’
    • ‘It also tries to take a more holistic approach to the question of protecting clifftop communities from erosion.’
    • ‘It then follows a 2 kilometre clifftop walk adorned with beautifully carved wooden benches.’
    • ‘It includes a series of neighbouring clifftop seaside sections flowing down to north-facing, private golden beaches.’
    • ‘My fella likes cliff-top walks for some reason that I can't fathom.’