Definition of climbing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklīmiNG/ /ˈklaɪmɪŋ/

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  • The sport or activity of ascending mountains or cliffs.

    ‘his other great interest was climbing, especially in the Alps’
    • ‘climbing equipment’
    • ‘Apart from learning the skills of climbing and mountaineering, these students also interact with the students of the valley and play games with them.’
    • ‘He liked canoeing, climbing and mountaineering, kite buggying, sailing, windsurfing, paragliding and mountain biking.’
    • ‘Climb great lines in spectacular settings around the world, experiencing all the different types of climbing and mountaineering.’
    • ‘Scuba diving and mountain climbing place added burdens on the cardiovascular system and require special caution.’
    • ‘Maybe I'll put that on my list of things to do, since it will be curtailed after launch, since all the mountain climbing is off.’
    • ‘Dr Weathers told of how he fell in love with the sport of climbing during a 1985 family vacation to Colorado.’
    • ‘She loved travelling, especially to Austria, and mountain climbing was one of her favourite pursuits.’
    • ‘I told myself that skydiving or mountain climbing were within my realm, but in truth, I never dared to take even a step toward that world of adventure.’
    • ‘She is hoping to move from indoor climbing walls to outdoor climbing and is taking part in an outdoor course in August.’
    • ‘The benefits of the sport of climbing to the environment are much more important than this finding.’
    • ‘His time trialling and mountain climbing are undoubtedly his greatest assets.’
    • ‘However, let's not forget climbing is a dangerous sport, so safety is very important to your survival.’
    • ‘We'll rope up as needed for belayed climbing and rappels.’
    • ‘But mountain climbing has never been for the faint of heart and, despite Mother Nature, the mood remains optimistic among the Richmond crew.’
    • ‘Still, the sport of climbing, like river running, has evolved dramatically in the past half-century.’
    • ‘Ads at that point featured healthy-looking men mountain climbing and biking.’
    • ‘Gibbs has spent his time concentrating on his other sport of climbing, but will add much-needed experience to the pack.’
    • ‘Warm up with at least 20 minutes of light bouldering or climbing.’
    • ‘One morning while camping out you get up for a glorious day of climbing and find that you have no coffee.’
    • ‘The past year of my climbing had been limited to an indoor rock gym not too far from my house.’
    departure, lift-off, launch, blast-off, taking off