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  • 1A fact, argument, or event that settles a matter conclusively.

    ‘his two-run double was the clincher’
    • ‘This book - another in the long line of fabulous limited edition books from Genesis Publications - is the clincher in that very argument.’
    • ‘Anderson secured the clincher in 73 minutes, his accurate header from Aitken's cross bringing a happy end to a day of mixed emotions.’
    • ‘It was a gamble that paid off in the most golden of coinage when Fletcher netted the play-off clincher four minutes later.’
    • ‘All that was left was for French to show his enduring sprightliness with the clincher 11 minutes from time.’
    • ‘And then he puts the clincher on the matter when he states: ‘Reason cannot answer.’’
    • ‘And then there's the clincher: the fact that Lee just happens to own the painting in question.’
    • ‘There was no more than a frame in it until the clincher.’
    • ‘All facts aside, the real clincher is this: what exactly is the alternative?’
    • ‘The veteran frontman got the clincher with a typical effort in the 51st minute to kill off the Highlanders’ challenge.’
    • ‘The players were spurred on and in the remaining 16 minutes displayed tremendous aggression in their approach for a goal clincher.’
    • ‘The thrust of the argument is best wrapped up in the following clincher.’
    • ‘Last week he missed a penalty and this week he scores the second goal that is probably the clincher.’
    • ‘Three big hacks later he had crossed the line at the other end to score what turned out to be the clincher.’
    • ‘We've seen it, we've smelt it, we understand it and it was the clincher in the end.’
    • ‘And then came the clincher: ‘Almost every year someone takes us to court.’’
    • ‘The clincher is that US citizens could have had access to this drug sooner, if the medical establishment hadn't assumed a ‘why bother’ attitude.’
    • ‘But the money would not, in itself, be the clincher.’
    • ‘Yet sleep is likely to be the clincher when it comes to the show's future - can Parker and Nixon sustain gruelling filming schedules while raising families?’
    • ‘Don't yell at me for telling you this either, it isn't the clincher of the movie, it happens in the first ten minutes and it is ok that you find out before seeing the movie.’
    • ‘He sent over three magnificent points from play, one the clincher to finally end Dublin's hopes, and his link-up play was top drawer.’
  • 2

    (also clincher tire)
    US A bicycle or automobile tire that has flange beads that fit into the wheel rim.

    ‘The requirements of a rim for clincher tires are completely different from those of a rim for tubular tires.’
    • ‘Another difference between it and other tire makers is that Vredestein makes clincher tires - and only clincher tires.’
    • ‘Michelin, one of the oldest players in the bicycle tire business, saw its clincher tires ridden to seven Tour de France stage wins last year.’
    • ‘Tube-type clinchers or tubular tires, on the other hand, can often go flat in a matter of seconds!’
    • ‘Campagnolo's new Hyperon wheel has an all-carbon clincher rim, one of several at the show.’



/ˈklin(t)SHər/ /ˈklɪn(t)ʃər/