Definition of clinical death in English:

clinical death

Pronunciation /ˈklinəkəl deTH/ /ˈklɪnəkəl dɛθ/

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  • Death as judged by the medical observation of cessation of vital functions. It is typically identified with the cessation of heartbeat and respiration, though modern resuscitation methods and life-support systems have required the introduction of the alternative concept of brain death.

    ‘Studies of near death or clinical death experiences have given anthropologists a clue to the stages of a journey.’
    • ‘‘Right now, we can easily bring animals back from two hours of absolute clinical death,’ says Hal Sternberg, BioTime's VP of research.’
    • ‘A near death experience involves people who suffer a short period of clinical death, when heart or brain functioning stops.’
    • ‘They play ambitious med students who use their new-found talents to induce clinical death, only to revive themselves minutes later - effectively cheating death.’
    • ‘The accident site was the last place where their loved one was conscious, and thus really ‘alive,’ regardless of the place of clinical death.’
    • ‘We may suppose that the brain revives after clinical death and goes through the basic stages that it had experienced while dying.’
    • ‘He was called to tend to a patient after he had a haemorrhage, which led to the patient's clinical death.’