Definition of clinician in English:



  • A doctor having direct contact with patients rather than being involved with theoretical or laboratory studies.

    • ‘Can we apply the results from this group of Australian general practitioners to clinicians around the world?’
    • ‘We are confident that our menu will help frontline clinicians and patients in practice.’
    • ‘This could be even more useful to clinicians and patients and has the potential to change health care across the world.’
    • ‘Its unusual weekly dosing regimen can result in dose error by patients or clinicians.’
    • ‘As a clinician, the medical director's instincts were to place the patients first and investigate the problem.’
    • ‘We presented the results of the retrospective audit to the clinicians at two district general hospitals.’
    • ‘Despite this it seems likely that clinicians and patients aren't sufficiently aware of these problems.’
    • ‘Applebaum has developed guidelines to help clinicians when a patient describes thoughts of violence.’
    • ‘Monitoring and adjustment may be controlled by clinicians or patients.’
    • ‘Firstly, this study included only clinicians from university affiliated institutions.’
    • ‘The book provides us with almost no examples in which clinicians and patients negotiate these issues.’
    • ‘This is a superb illustrated resource that will interest clinicians and laboratory workers.’
    • ‘Asking clinicians and patients about errors provides information that is more useful.’
    • ‘Data from the United Kingdom show that they are unpopular with both patients and clinicians.’
    • ‘To give this information clinicians need to ask patients what they count as a benefit.’
    • ‘The clinician should ask the patient to stand so lower extremity alignment may be observed.’
    • ‘A blinded clinician conducts interviews with patient and caregiver.’
    • ‘The clinician and the patient need not complete all cells of the chart during the first visit.’
    • ‘Interim visits by the patient to the clinician can be scheduled as the need arises.’
    • ‘Should the clinician and patient simply press ahead with yet another poorly controlled clinical trial?’
    physician, medical practitioner, medical man, medical woman, clinician, doctor of medicine, MD