Definition of clinquant in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkliNGkənt/ /ˈklɪŋkənt/


  • Glittering with gold and silver; tinseled.

    ‘We are specialized in warp and weft knitted garment fabrics, and lining fabrics, such as polar fleece, ant fleece, short hair velvet, suede, clinquant velvet, mercerized velvet, PU leather and printed fabric.’
    • ‘Our company is equipped with machines from Germany, which specialize in producing chamois fabric, silk flannelette, clinquant flannelette, and mesh cloth.’
    • ‘The temple is magnificent and spectacular with clinquant gold-plates and copper tiles.’


  • 1Imitation gold leaf.

    ‘According to different purposes of clients, we may use pure gold foil or imported depigmentation-resistant clinquant and silver foil.’
    • ‘Finding that one verse in Virgil is worth all the clinquant or tinsel of Tasso.’
    • ‘The barrels are a clinquant finish crafted through a 10-step process.’
    1. 1.1Literary or artistic tinsel; false glitter.
      ‘All clinquant, all in gold, like heathen gods, shone down the English.’
      • ‘She that a clinquant outside doth adore, Dotes on a gilded statue and no more.’