Definition of cliometrics in English:


Pronunciation /ˌklīəˈmetriks/ /ˌklaɪəˈmɛtrɪks/

plural noun

treated as singular
  • A technique for the interpretation of economic history, based on the statistical analysis of large-scale numerical data from population censuses, parish registers, and similar sources.

    ‘Moreover, the relation between cliometrics and the history of economic growth is actually more subtle than Drukker lets on.’
    • ‘He has criticized most French economic historians for their insularity, both for sticking to their national history and for avoiding cliometrics.’
    • ‘Different fashions became more influential for a short or sometimes longer period, for instance cliometrics and anthropological history.’
    • ‘This short - 111 pages of text - and brilliant book owes somewhat more to quantitative economic history in the Kuznetsian tradition than to cliometrics per se.’
    • ‘In another passage Weber defines the tasks of economic history as a precursor of neoclassical cliometrics.’
    • ‘Robson's work was an early exercise in cliometrics.’
    • ‘Her jigsaw pieces are her computer files compiled for over six thousand individuals, the basis of her sophisticated cliometrics.’


1960s (originally US): from Clio, on the pattern of words such as econometrics.