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  • 1A small board with a spring clip at the top, used for holding papers and providing support for writing.

    ‘Dr. Martin replied, straightening his tie and clipping a new set of papers into his clipboard.’
    • ‘In the backstage area, just about everyone except the competitors has crowded around clipboards full of paper.’
    • ‘There was a desk in the corner, holding a myriad of papers and clipboards, and a faded black arm chair stood in the middle of the room.’
    • ‘The middle-aged woman adjusted her reading glasses as she sorted through numerous clipboards of paper.’
    • ‘The men and women glanced at each other, some of them writing on their clipboards.’
    • ‘She flipped over the paper on her clipboard, and on the blank side she drew a diagram of the four U-shaped floors.’
    • ‘The nurse took the papers from the clipboard and gave them to a doctor.’
    • ‘He marked something down on the sheet of paper attached to his clipboard.’
    • ‘Miss Case was not writing anymore and her clipboard and paper were sitting down on the table where she left them.’
    • ‘He is holding a clipboard with papers attached and taking a pen from his pocket, he hands them over to Cassie.’
    • ‘Pam has a clipboard and paper in her lap and she's scribbling things about Lucian on it from what I can see.’
    • ‘He glanced down at the papers on her clipboard, comparing them to the readings on the machine next to his bed.’
    • ‘He specifically recalled the grower's notes because they were clipped to a clipboard on the dashboard.’
    • ‘He flung his arms wildly, causing the papers on the clipboard to go flying around.’
    • ‘Mikki attached her magnetic pen to the clip of the clipboard and stood up.’
    • ‘She picked up the quill Ady offered her and signed the paper, returning the clipboard.’
    • ‘The hall was noisy, petitioners wandered to and fro carrying materials and clipboards.’
    • ‘The constable did not carry a clipboard, file or anything of the like.’
    • ‘Another security frontline is quietly watched over by a French executive armed with a clipboard and flow charts.’
    • ‘Right now, pictures of known terrorists are left hanging on clipboards back at the precinct house.’
    1. 1.1Computing A temporary storage area where material cut or copied from a file is kept for pasting into another file.
      ‘Basically, the clipboard is a temporary storage area where you can save and retrieve data.’
      • ‘This is an example of how the Windows clipboard can copy and paste text to another location.’
      • ‘Right after the capture you can send the screenshot to the clipboard or to a file.’
      • ‘In addition, the data can be logged, exported in a variety of formats, or even copied to the clipboard.’
      • ‘Both the charts and the map data can be printed, saved to files, or copied to the Windows clipboard.’



/ˈklipˌbôrd/ /ˈklɪpˌbɔrd/