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  • Excessive eagerness not to work more than one's allotted hours.

    ‘you won't find any mention of clock-watching in my references’
    • ‘I work with some amazing people and for them it's not just a job, it 's not just clock watching, it's not just about nine to five.’
    • ‘No one bothered to question productivity or accountability standards; instead we focused on clock watching.’
    • ‘Some of the top signs you're stuck in an unrewarding job include clock-watching as early as midday.’
    • ‘When clockwatching goes from a coping mechanism to a survival mechanism, you need to re-evaluate.’
    • ‘Strict clock-watching by most, or all, employees suggests that people want to be anywhere but at the office.’
    • ‘The rest is eaten up by meetings, emails, and a fair amount of clock-watching on Friday afternoons.’
    • ‘I'd miss the chatter of a buzzing office, shared clock-watching and moaning included.’
    • ‘There is no clock watching, there are many people at senior level who work some weeks from home.’
    • ‘A total of 54 per cent confessed to obsessive clock watching and said they had their jackets on and were out the door at 5pm.’
    • ‘For many people, retirement is when they stop the commuting and the clockwatching and live a little.’


  • (of an employee) overly eager not to work more than their allotted hours.

    ‘clock-watching pencil-pushers’
    • ‘He's not the clock-watching type and has a deep devotion to his work.’
    • ‘I have always been cautious about telling staff to clock in and out at certain times, because that way you can create a clock-watching culture within the business.’
    • ‘He said there was no nine-to-five clock-watching culture.’
    • ‘Clockwatching, work-to-rule employees who are vocal about asserting their rights can often be treated unfavourably in subtle ways.’
    • ‘I can't help but feel that this is how work should be, and definitely not the clock-watching exercise that some people treat it like.’
    • ‘The clipboard toting, clock-watching, quota-setting productivity expert has been out of fashion in business schools for decades.’
    • ‘Once more organizations shift away from the "clock watching" mentality to a more results focused work culture, telecommuting will likely become the rule rather than the exception.’
    • ‘These enforced work shifts also interrupt learning and create a kind of clock-watching mentality.’
    • ‘Of course, some employees were clock-watching, unmotivated lifers.’
    • ‘They're not clock-watching pencil-pushers, and they're not lazy; they fully expect to be available to work 24/7.’