Definition of clock in in English:

clock in

(British clock on)

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phrasal verb

  • Register one's arrival at work, especially by means of a time clock.

    ‘staff should clock in on arrival’
    • ‘The designated boxes are commonly found wherever employees clock in, she said.’
    • ‘Biometric readers can also help prevent employee ghosting, where one employee clocks in an absent or late coworker by swiping his or her card.’
    • ‘Makeup must be worn at all times when working; employees should clock in only after changing and putting on makeup.’
    • ‘Softworks is one of the few companies in the world to facilitate an honour-based company culture where employees do not clock in.’
    • ‘Jefferson County, Alabama is calling time on fraudulent overtime claims by making non-salaried employees clock in with their fingerprints.’
    • ‘When an employee clocks in or out, the employee scans his or her identification badge and a barcode representing the job the person is doing.’
    • ‘Workers who clock in while ill cost their employers 20 percent more per day than employees who take time off.’
    • ‘It is freedom from the morning commute, clocking in and out, tea breaks, and overtime.’
    • ‘She was fired some three months ago after protesting against the company's policy of forcing employees to work overtime while not clocked in.’
    • ‘I've heard plenty of reports of people clocking in for friends who are off driving taxis around Heathrow.’