Definition of clock radio in English:

clock radio

Pronunciation /ˈkläk ˌrādēō/ /ˈklɑk ˌreɪdioʊ/

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  • A combined radio and alarm clock that can be set so that the radio will come on at the desired time.

    ‘Even when his mother finally caught him, Graça couldn't kick the habit, and would covertly sneak his bedside clock radio under his covers.’
    • ‘He turned his head to the clock radio on his bedside table and did a double take.’
    • ‘The game clock was slightly larger than your clock radio.’
    • ‘Clays had hooked up the stereo, the dancing lights, the clock radio, the lamps - even my hair dryer - to our own personal generator.’
    • ‘The clock radio's out of the script, but music's still going in.’
    • ‘I think I'll buy both books to read while listening to All Night and set my clock radio to switch off at 9.00 am.’
    • ‘‘Good morning Kurt,’ I finally stated to my clock radio, which was currently playing ‘Lithium’ by Nirvana.’
    • ‘She turned on the alarm clock radio in the bathroom to listen to the Playhouse on Jammin’ 95.5.’
    • ‘Harold awoke some time later - hours or only minutes, he couldn't be sure - his watch still resting on the night stand, the clock radio facing the window.’
    • ‘Devon looked at her alarm clock radio and saw the numbers 12: 51.’
    • ‘I moaned and rolled over to look at my clock radio.’
    • ‘I was woken at 6am by tinny plastic pop from the clock radio.’
    • ‘He glances briefly at the clock radio - and freezes.’
    • ‘He glanced across to the black clock radio and gasped.’
    • ‘That's when I woke up and saw the glowing numbers of my clock radio read 3: 56.’
    • ‘He figured the clock radio had switched on automatically.’
    • ‘Minutes flip by on the clock radio until daylight pales.’
    • ‘When he was in sixth grade, Tripp calculated the energy use of every appliance in the house, from the water boiler to his clock radio.’
    • ‘My wife always complained when my clock radio went off too many times, but the phone going off audibly only once doesn't wake her.’
    • ‘The clock radio told me it was just after 3 PM and the school kids were starting to fill the sidewalks.’