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  • A person who makes and repairs clocks and watches.

    ‘This variety only appears chaotic if we assume that Roxbury makers functioned as traditional clockmakers.’
    • ‘A clockmaker had prepared plans for a timepiece for one of the kings of France.’
    • ‘A high-end performance of fine mechanics is executed, which will appeal to the clockmaker in every Swiss.’
    • ‘Around 1660, clocks with longer pendulums were introduced by English clockmakers.’
    • ‘Recent research into the assessors' records has documented seven previously unrecorded Boston clockmakers working between 1787 and 1799.’
    • ‘Some time in the fifteenth century, clockmakers started to use tightly coiled blades of metal - springs - to power their timepieces, instead of gravity.’
    • ‘He addressed his advertisements specifically to clockmakers.’
    • ‘Halley treated him cordially and suggested that Harrison consult George Graham, one of London's leading clockmakers.’
    • ‘Dials became more and more elaborate with the passage of time, and some clockmakers employed artists to decorate them.’
    • ‘So they invented the clock, without encouraging clockmakers.’
    • ‘I have seen this done with clockmakers and their apprentices, but never with any aspect of bookbinding.’
    • ‘Most clockmakers thought it was impossible, as typical land clocks of the era routinely gained or lost 15 minutes a day.’
    • ‘It was common practice for provincial clockmakers to contrive a skeleton clock as a window display.’
    • ‘Anyway, this guy, he's supposedly a clockmaker in Venice.’
    • ‘Recently I came across the analogy of the clockmaker.’
    • ‘In 1735 Parliament's challenge was met by an English clockmaker, John Harrison.’
    • ‘The other approach is to bless a lowly subject, such as the life and times of a clockmaker, with the grandeur and solemnity of an epic.’
    • ‘I felt like a clock before the clockmaker picks its components apart.’
    • ‘For 30 years, he made instruments for the chemical industry after being advised as a youngster against a career as a clockmaker.’
    • ‘Plans are being made to commemorate the famous clockmaker who solved a navigational puzzle that had cost countless mariners' lives.’



/ˈkläkˌmākər/ /ˈklɑkˌmeɪkər/