Definition of cloddish in English:


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  • Foolish, awkward, or clumsy.

    ‘they stood there looking stiff and cloddish’
    • ‘Dumb, cloddish things are announced grandly, as though they were meaningful observations about the human condition.’
    • ‘These cloddish white appropriations of hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass and dancehall are dis-spiritingly, missing-the-point funkless and morosely male.’
    • ‘We know what you're thinking and we thought the same thing at first - holsters that trumpet themselves as ‘one-size-fits-all’ are sure to be cloddish compromises.’
    • ‘Then of course it will be all out war between you and the cloddish next-door neighbors.’
    • ‘In addition, we get the fiery, lovable Irish minister, some cloddish humor, and an ending that tries too hard.’
    • ‘Jeppesen's Fru Von Everdingen, the rich widow who falls for the cloddish brother in Kermesse, was beautiful and stuck-up, but also vulnerable.’
    • ‘How could anyone fail to conclude that compared with Riemenschneider, Rodin is a cloddish show-off?’
    • ‘Most of the minor characters are well played, except for the crucial Miller, whom the cloddish Olek Krupa flubs.’
    • ‘In that moment, California didn't feel tall or cloddish or unfunny or clueless anymore.’
    stupid, foolish, idiotic, cretinous



/ˈklädiSH/ /ˈklɑdɪʃ/